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Suitable for Vehicles with 2.8TGV International, Tuned VNT turbo TDI engines, OM606 conversions, Lexus 1UZ engine conversions.


LOF HD Friction Material

High Torque Sprung Centre Hub

1x LOF Clutches EXTREMEspec Release Bearing

1x G90 High Temp Assembly Grease

1x CNC Wire formed bearing retaining clip

1x CNC Wire formed Pushrod retaining clip

6x High Tensile Bolt Pack for Clutch Cover

1x OEM Spigot bush

390 NM safe working limit

If you would like an even more powerful TGV/ TDI clutch kit please contact us, we can manufacture a range of Ceramic and Kevlar Paddle clutches to suit all applications too (Including racing/ Winch challenge/ Big power Engine conversions.


TGV kits can cause Gear chatter if the gearbox is worn (lots of backlash) We suggest running the R380 gearbox using MTF 75W90 with a higher viscosity to avoid gear chatter. (Stronger springs in the driven plate can reveal the symptoms of a worn gearbox, but 100% necessary for high powered TDI engines!)




Developed by request for Motor Diesel Engineering (UK Specialists in the 2.8 HS International engine remanufacturing) :


The International HS 2.8 engine is a larger capacity version of the 300 Tdi, it still utilises the simplicity of the 300tdi yet with more power and significantly more torque. The HS 2.8 comes as standard with a VNT turbocharger and suitably uprated fuel injection pump, these, in conjunction with the extra capacity the engine produces 135bhp as standard with 277lbf ft of torque at 1400 Rpm.


LR 300 Tdi & HS 2.8 comparison:


LR 300Tdi                                                   International HS 2.8 TGV


Power: 111 bhp @ 4000 rpm                        135 bhp @ 3800 rpm


Torque: 195 lbf ft @ 1800 rpm                     277 lbf ft @ 1400 rpm


These engines have remanufactured 300Tdi cylinder blocks rebored to 2.8 with a VNT turbocharger fitted. The engines produce the same power and torque as the standard International HS 2.8 TGV engine, all engines include the following NEW parts, cylinder head, injectors, Injection pump (reconditioned), 2.8 crankshaft, 2.8 connecting rods, 2.8 pistons, timing case, timing cover, gears, timing kit, waterpump bracket, waterpump and all gaskets. The engines are complete with NEW alternator, power steering pump and vacuum pump.


The POWERspec is the next stage up, ideal if you use your Land Rover as a work horse. If you tow regularly or carry any extra weight like expedition trucks do then this is the spec for you. It’ll handle highly tuned road monsters or hard worked off-roaders all day long. If you want reliability and driveability from your mapped motor the POWERspec will keep you moving forward!     (Pedal weight is similar to a TD5 Defender- slightly heavier than our TDI kits)

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